These images were all created by a program called Symmetry which I wrote in Visual Basic. See the bottom of this page for instructions about downloading a shareware copy.

Symmetrical Images

All examples of symmetry used here are forms of radial symmetry. The individual components within the radial symmetry are usually bilaterally symmetrical, but the Symmetry program allows for non-symmetrical components, generally known as swastikas.

With Symmetry, you can pick the number of symmetrical components. The most pleasing ones seem to be 4,8, and 12. You can, of course, use combinations of different numbers within the same design (e.g. "Tile").

You may use a complete Symmetry design to form symmetrical components of a larger design, as I have in "Criscross".

Special versions of the symmetry program were used to construct designs used in Fibonacci spirals and 3-D images.

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Download a Shareware Copy of "Symmetry"

You may download a copy of the program used to construct the images above. The program, plus various sample symmetry files which you may load with it, are archived in a 32KB file called SYMMETRY.ZIP.

A new version (July 1997) is now available.

I do not own a Developer's Toolkit for VB, so the program will require that the DLL files for running VB 3.0 or 4.0 already exist on your system. If it refuses to run, this is probably why.

I welcome any feedback on this application. If you like it, please send $5 to me at the address given in the About window.

Download Symmetry Now


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