"Never in the course of human events was so much owed by so many to so few." These immortal words of Sir Winston Churchill's, although spoken in reference to the Royal Air Force, can be said to apply to all Allied fighting forces during World War Two. In the case of the United States, they apply to the veterans in our Army, Navy, our Marines and our Air Force. It is to these men and women that we owe our gratitude; without their sacrifice, our current freedoms and security would be non-existent. The student protesting in the street would be unable to voice his views; the politician would be unable to campaign and represent his constituency; children would know fear, oppression and discord.

These men, along with so many others like them, went to the battlefields of Europe and the Pacific. Some died there, giving their lives for the country they loved; others returned to continue their lives and to raise America from where it had fallen following the Great Depression and War Era. Truly, they were "the greatest generation." Keeping alive the ideals of the country they protected is the subsequent generations' responsibility; I hope this record will achieve this in some small way.

This book is dedicated to William Edward May, veteran and grandfather.

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"Right in the Thick of It"
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