"Right in the Thick of It"
Interviews with World War Two Veterans

This book is the authorís Eagle Scout Project for Troop 6535 in Buckingham, Virginia.

During 2000 and 2001 I interviewed and videotaped ten different veterans of World War Two who live in Buckingham County. These are the stories they told me.

-- Will May        


The Second World War  
Summaries of Interviews  
Transcriptions   Francis Austin, E-8 (Fireman First Class), U.S. Navy
  John B. Buschmann, 2nd Lt., U. S. Army Air Corps
  Houston Crews, Private, 1st Class, U. S. Army Air Corps
  Charles M. Hall, Sergeant, Army Air Force
  Thomas B. Hall, Jr., Sergeant, U. S. Army
  Thomas S. Jeffrey, Jr., Col.; Maj. Gen., U. S. A. A. C.
  Charles Lewis, Sergeant, USMC (Air Forces)
  Lauren L. 'Dick' Miles, Staff Sgt., U. S. Army, Engineers
  Carolyn Rice, Major, WAC & WAF
  Harold T. Scott, Master Chief Sonar Tech. (E-9), U. S. Navy
  Charles N. Smith, T3 Technician, U. S. Army
  Earl L. Thomas, Staff Sergeant, U. S. Army, Signal Corps
In Memoriam   The Story of Lt. Cmdr John Eldridge
Other Information   Photo Gallery

"Right in the Thick of It"
Interviews with World War Two Veterans
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