The TRUE Enforcement Act of 2005

Title I - Federal State, and Local Law Enforcement

Federal Enforcement - Cornyn/Kyl

Maintaining Accurate Enforcement Data on Aliens

Detention of Aliens and Reimbursement of Costs

State/Local and Tribal Enforcement

Other Provisions

Title II Reform and Alien Status

Limitations on Visa Issuance

Visa Term Compliance Bonds - Barrett

Adjustment of Status

Title III - Workplace Enforcement and Identification Integrity

Worker Eligibility Verification Foreign Nationals - Dreier, Calvert, Cornyn/Kyl, FAIR

Security and Good Faith Compliance - Dreier, FAIR

No National Identification - Dreier, FAIR

Enforcement by DHS - Dreier, FAIR

Private Party Complaints - FAIR

Work Eligibility Verification Reform in the Social Security Administration - Barrett, Dreier,FAIR

Work Eligibility Verification System Reform in the IRS - FAIR

Identification Document Integrity - Barrett, Cornyn/Kyl

Limitations on Illegal Alien Collection of Social Security - Rohrabacher

Title IV - Penalties and Enforcement

Criminal and Civil Penalties

Detention, Removal, and Departure