Chromatist Spirals

Chromatist spirals are loosely based on old Celtic spirals, but adapted to a well-defined geometric matrix. I believe that the eye and brain organize their three colors -- red, green, and blue -- in a manner similar to the Chromatist spirals, measuring areas of relative color concentration, tracing outlines, and so on.

Spiral Progression

The interesting thing in the spiral progression is that one color gradually turns into another, so that a green spiral on a red background becomes a red spiral on a blue background halfway across the screen. Trace a single color across, and you will see what I mean.

The chromatized landscapes take an existing image and apply the spirals to the underlying color areas. The algorithm for it is not a simple filter, but relies on an analysis of the intensity and balance of background color to decide the exact components of the spirals.

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Chromatist Spirals

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