Chromatized Patterns

The patterns on this page were created by a variety of Visual Basic programs. The common theme is a progression of color in all parts of the pattern. Progression may be from light to dark, or along the spectrum. Sometimes the backround and foreground will progress in opposite directions.

Pattern #1

The images labeled "Pattern #n" demonstrate an interesting capacity of the human brain: the ability to perceive patterns where there is no repetitition whatsoever of form or color. In each of these the shapes of the components change as they move horizontally and vertically, and the progression of changes is different horizontally than it is vertically. The foreground and background colors change horizontally and vertically also, so that there is no single pixel adjacent to a pixel of the same color. And yet we see a clear pattern in the whole of the field.

Notice that in a given area, the mind evaluates the pattern as foreground vs. background, based on the grouping of lighter against darker elements. However, in some of these images, the foreground is lighter in one part of the image but progresses to become darker in another part. The most interesting area is where the foreground switches over from being lighter to being darker -- the brain has trouble "seeing" this part of the pattern, even though the colors of foreground and backround are in fact distinct.

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Pattern #2

Checker #1

Checker #3

Checker #5

Eyes #1

Eyes #4

Chromatized Patterns

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