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From Helen R. Six months later, my quilt is nearing completion. Next steps are quilting and binding the edges, but I needed to share now. I put triangles into your generator, drew the pattern out quite a bit (actually a lot - at its longest, the fibonacci pattern is 38" long), then built a quilt around it.

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From Debra M. This is my first image which I have already sent to many who have enjoyed it. I am looking forward to creating many more peaceful images with this. Thank you so much for providing this tool.

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From Jennifer G. I have just downloaded and installed the program and it works perfectly. I'm sure that it will make for a wonderful visual aid for my presentations.

From Chuck B. I love this program. I have spent hours (oops!) playing/working with it... I think you have potential for a big $ sale to Corel or Adobe. Who knows?

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From Heysa I totally love the Fibonacci Spiral Generator. Am more than happy to pay the price of your program!

I sent your URL to HootyTuts, PSPMadeEZ, IM-Gals and IM Friends, all Yahoo groups that I belong to. I hope they explore the possibilities you've presented us with!

Here is some of the work I've been doing with CFSG...

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Custom Fibonacci Spirals

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