Worldwide Islamic Terrorism Since September 11th
By Baron BodisseyA Gates of Vienna production
Incident data through February 22, 2006Pages republished March 16, 2006
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Frequently Asked Questions

How did you arrive at the ďseverityĒ reading at a given location?

A formula is used ó combining the number of terrorist incidents at the location, the number killed in those incidents, and the number injured ó and then the result is compared with the average at all the locations on the map. This determines the relative severity.

How did you find the exact locations of all these places?

The places were matched as closely as possible with place names found in the online gazetteers such as Falling Rain. Where there were multiple locations with identical names, educated guesses were necessary. For example, in India about 80% of the terrorist incidents occur in Jammu and Kashmir. When an Indian place name appeared more than once, the Kashmir version was statistically the most likely, and so it was used.

Why didnít you list [insert your incident here]?

Except for 9-11 itself, I relied on The Religion of Peace for incident data. If they failed to list it, then it doesnít appear here.

Send me the information about the incident in question, including a URL for reliable documentation, and Iíll look it over. If it checks out, Iíll put it in the next update.

Why didnít you list Christian, Hindu, or Jewish acts of terror?

Because this project is dedicated specifically to documenting the extent of Islamic terror. Besides, maps of Jewish or Hindu or Christian terror would be pretty boring, showing mostly blank space.

But what about all the Zionist terror against the Palestinians?

Oh, thatís right ó everything the Israelis do to the Palestinians to prevent terror is considered state-sponsored terror.

Well, you go ahead and make the map.

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Incident statistics for this project were generously contributed by The Religion of Peace.