Worldwide Islamic Terrorism Since September 11th
By Baron BodisseyA Gates of Vienna production
Incident data through February 22, 2006Pages republished March 16, 2006
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The Bloody Borders Project would not have been possible without terrorist incident data provided by The Religion of Peace, an important anti-jihad website dedicated to the documentation of all acts of Islamic terror since 9-11. I consolidated the place names as seemed appropriate where there were obvious variant spellings of the same location.

Incident data for September 11, 2001 itself were derived from various online sources.

The place names were matched to map locations using various web sites and online gazetteers. The most valuable of these was Falling Rain, which probably shortened the overall mapping task by six months or more. I highly recommend it if you are trying to locate a place anywhere in the world by its name.

Baron Bodissey               

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Incident statistics for this project were generously contributed by The Religion of Peace.